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Why us?


Clarity builds trust! Hence, we commit to our clients to always put their interests first and provide them with the best information and advice throughout the whole process.


Being ethical was never a question! Composed by remarkable agents who are obliged to work with honesty, clarity, and high ethical standards, the sale is processed under full discretion. Any personal information is not revealed except from strictly necessary.

Exceptional knowledge

Our team is equipped with blooming experts with deep knowledge of the area and the real estate market for more than 5 years. Hereafter, aiming at helping sellers retail their property, the best market price will be proposed and if any advice is needed to achieve this, it will be given generously.


People with excellent negotiation skills, armed with the knowledge and experience to negotiate with the potential buyers to ensure the best results in property value, compose ICARUS Real Estate’s team.


We stand next to every client from the very first communication until the completion of the whole procedure. A smooth and stress-free transaction is guaranteed.

Constant communication

Understanding is a must for our business! We recognize the need for selling so, we commit to provide the seller with feedback gotten by potential buyers and update him/her for every viewing done in his/her property. There is a constant communication till the goal is achieved.


Technology is definitely embodied in our business! We are actively promoting in all social media, offering online meetings, responding promptly to e-mails, using the chatbot on our website and having access to big worldwide real estate platforms where we can display our properties portfolio.

Personal interest

Dealing with people and being interested in interpersonal communication, our agents are personally involved in the property sale. It is more than clear that when somebody wants to sell a property there is always a reason, either an investing or a more intimate reason. Whatever the reason is, we assure that we will do our duty in discretion. Taking over a property, it means being also involved in every procedure till the final signature.

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